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Now more than ever, businesses big and small, are making a conscious effort to be more sustainable and help in any way they can. From recycling office waste to installing solar panels, there are endless possibilities when it comes to creating a sustainable business. 

4 ways to make your business more sustainable

As the damages caused by waste, energy and human resources are becoming more visible, going green and introducing sustainable measures is a crucial part of today’s world. Businesses are a key part of this, and no matter how large the company may be, every little helps. Most businesses are setting long and short-term targets to achieve their green goals whilst also gaining benefits beyond moral responsibility. 

Renewable energy

There are many easy solutions when it comes to saving energy and investing in renewable energy. By simply being conscious of how much energy your business is using, you can limit the amount of energy used through day-to-day activities. For small businesses, this is even easier. Whether you own small office space or work from home, keeping on top of things such as turning lights off, limiting heat sources and investing in modern technology can all help to reduce the amount of energy consumed. Investing in automated or censored technology is a key way to go about this as devices are automatically turned off when not in use and energy waste is kept to a minimum. 

Switching to renewable energy is a simple way to reduce your business’s carbon footprint. It’s now cheaper to operate wind and solar energy, so switching to a renewable energy supplier is a great place to start. If you’re really looking to make an effort, installing solar panels or geothermal systems will provide your business with free renewable energy for many years. 

Use local suppliers 

One of the main contributions to a company’s carbon footprint is transport. Limiting the amount of transport needed will not only keep carbon emissions low but is also a great way to support your local community. Whether this is through ordering supplies and materials or shipping to customers through your local courier, purchasing fabrics, stationary and equipment from smaller businesses can help everyone out. If you’re a freelancer or work from home, limiting your transport is much easier, but walking to your local post office or dropping orders by foot is also a great way to limit transport use. 

Using sustainable packaging and materials 

Adapting your business materials is a simple and affordable way to make your business sustainable and eco-friendly. In 2018, the UK government called on creators to create eco-friendly packaging and reduce the amount of over-packaging being used. Sustainable packaging can not only be made from sustainable materials ( including biodegradables, recycled paper and organic fabrics ) but can also be reused by the company or consumer. 

As a small business, investing in sustainable packaging is not only limiting your own carbon footprint, but also your customers. This can be introduced through wrapping paper, bags, eco-friendly envelopes and boxes and handwritten labels. 

This aspect of a sustainable business also links to marketing materials and general day-to-day supply use. Limiting the use of things such as paper printers, plastic use and printed materials are all relevant. 

Reduce waste 

Every business will produce different amounts of waste but no matter how much waste there is, there is always room for improvement. 

Making sure your office or home has a recycling bin is a great start. You can also purchase equipment such as recycled paper and ensure to recycle other materials such as cans or plastics. Another material that is often overlooked in the workplace is technology. For a small business, the amount of technology will, of course, be lower than for larger corporations, however, this equipment still has a great impact. Not only is this where most of your energy is being used but there is also the opportunity for recycling and rehoming. For example, if you have a new starter joining the team, why not look for a pre-loved laptop or PC? Similarly, when your tech has decided to give up on you, make sure to recycle it correctly. 

If you own office space, waste can also be reduced in places such as the bathroom or kitchen. Sustainable options include things such as automated taps, recycled tissue, reusable water systems and labelled bins for staff to use correctly. 

Nationwide and sustainability

We are offering a new environmentally friendly service to counteract the carbon dioxide emissions that are made as a result of our deliveries.

If you opt in to this service we will calculate the emissions made as a result of your delivery and then you will be offered the opportunity to counterbalance this figure by helping to finance the planting of new woodland in the UK.

We offer our same day courier services across mainland UK including Nottingham, Birmingham, Leicester and many more. Feel free to call us today on 0115 9865276 for a free quote!